Terrydale Capital - Terrydale Concierge

TDC Concierge Program

For commercial real estate investment firms that want the best for their clients, and demand verifiable value-add asset-monitoring backed by a company with over 600 lending contacts, 40+ years of experience, and a credit team that breathes numbers, the Terrydale Concierge package is best in class.

From real-time feedback on capital market opportunities to monthly assessments of every property in the portfolio, we help reign in expenses while ensuring elevated cash-on-cash cash return rates and asset growth. No opportunity goes unchecked - our service pays for itself tenfold.

We also work with private REITs, family offices, and mom and pop investors.

Key Features

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Monthly review of property financials plus REFI analysis to compare opportunities.

  • Streamlined
  • A direct line to your management team and clear, consistent communication

  • And that’s just the beginning
  • Asset Modelling
  • Cost analysis and savings on refinancing options, loan costs, and irregular or abnormal expenses

  • Valuation
  • Current true-value property figures plus real-time analysis of sales and CAP rates trending in relevant markets

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