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Get the funding you need to build, buy, or refinance your self-storage commercial asset and tap into a multibillion-dollar industry with multiple revenue streams.

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Between the near-constant demand, lower maintenance requirements, and a solid return on investment even in more volatile markets, self-storage is rapidly becoming the starter venture for beginner portfolios and a diversity boost for veteran investors. If passive ownership and supplementary income are your primary objectives, no financing firm makes it easier to access programs and loans that can help you carve out your own piece of the rapidly expanding, multi-billion-dollar self-storage empire while it still has room to grow.

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With the growing number of lending institutions primed to offer self-storage financing, it’s important to partner with a team that understands your ideal terms and the right moves to secure them. No two self-storage projects are the same, and whether you’re constructing, acquiring, renovating, or expanding, your capital requirements and challenges will vary. As with all our financing programs, Terrydale Capital takes an active approach to sourcing and reviewing self-storage loan offers, ensuring they align with your CRE investment roadmap and get you the most out of your asset. Experienced investors will also benefit from our forward-thinking solutions. Rest assured that at every step, our nationwide resource network and team of experts are working around the clock to facilitate a perfect close.

Competitive Self-Storage Financing On Your Terms

From traditional bank loans to hard money and lines of credit, Terrydale Capital explores multiple financing options depending on your long and short-term goals before pointing you in the right direction. Our experience in the self-storage space means we understand potential challenges and can point you in the right direction or help you hit pre-determined milestones. 

Be an Investor and Entrepreneur On Your Terms

Unlike multifamily and retail property owners, investors in self-storage are in a unique position to take a hands-off approach to generating income. Depending on the size of the lot, a few employees can handle everyday operations, leaving them more time to focus on other investments or a career. Once the facility starts to turn a profit, further opportunities for transporting items, selling boxes and packaging, and expanding to parking and vehicle storage can also be explored. Team TDC can put you on track to operate your self-storage asset in a way that works for you, or make your current operations better.

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Team Terrydale Capital has the knowledge, experience, and actionable insight to help you meet your self-storage financing goals. Constructing from the ground up or doing unit renovation and reconfiguration? We’ll find the solution that best maximizes your return on investment.

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Many investors harbor concerns about the future of the real estate market, especially amid the pandemic. And while some sectors are hit hard than others, leveraging these downturns can be a financial boon for short-term and long-term investments. Bridge loans provide investors with low risks and high rewards needed to take the leap.
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