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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Terrydale Capital is a leader in commercial real estate financing. We have close relationships with the nation’s top banks, lenders & family offices allowing us to provide the most competitive financing solutions in the market. As an independent financing company, we work closely alongside top-tier real estate sales brokers, investors, and REITs, on opportunities of all sizes which keeps our finger on the pulse of the market. Terrydale Capital staff has over 40+ years of real estate experience and has been directly involved in over 1000 closed commercial transactions in all asset types nationwide. We are with you every step of the process ensuring the smoothest closing process possible. Your success is our top priority.

Recent News

Deal Spotlight – Another Dallas Office Cash Out Refi

Deal Spotlight – Another Dallas Office Cash Out Refi

DEAL SPOTLIGHT April 8th, 2021 Today, we’re taking a look at a loan request on a property that was a former auto-dealership turned office space8 April, 2021 · 5 min read Today, we’re taking a look at a loan request on a property that was a former auto-dealership...

Memphis SFR Cash-Out REFI

Memphis SFR Cash-Out REFI

DEAL SPOTLIGHT Memphis SFR Cash-Out REFI10 June, 2021 · 3 min readToday’s Deal Spotlight takes us to Memphis, Tennessee, where our Client was seeking a cash-out refinance of over 30 properties in their SFR Portfolio. Despite being an experienced investor with many...

Nebraska Multi-Family Acquisition

Nebraska Multi-Family Acquisition

DEAL SPOTLIGHT Nebraska Multi-Family Acquisition03 June, 2021 · 3 min readToday’s deal spotlight centers on the acquisition of a $4,490,000 multifamily property in Omaha, Nebraska. This specific Apartment Complex caught the attention of our Clients, who were out of...

Fannie Mae Green program Multi-Family Acquisition

Fannie Mae Green program Multi-Family Acquisition

DEAL SPOTLIGHT Fannie Mae Green Program Multi-Family Acquisition27 May, 2021 · 3 min readToday’s deal spotlight centers on the acquisition of a multi-family property in Waco, Texas. This was a rather intricate assignment, with the Borrowers seeking Agency experience...

What our client’s say

Jeff D.

“This has been a year of transition as we move our portfolio from Seattle to the KC Metro area in pursuit of Multi-Family funding. Mike Braman and the team at Terrydale have made this shift even more seamless than we could’ve hoped for. Mike’s outside-the-box thinking, the network of lenders, vast experience, and local area knowledge have proven invaluable to me and my partners. Looking forward to closing many more deals together.”

Austin G.

“Communication was consistent throughout the close process which kept me updated on all 3rd parties, due diligence items requested, and when we will close. All aspects of the close process were done with efficiency and turned around quickly making it a non-stressful experience.”

Maria F.

“My experience with TDC has been great. I’ve applied for loans both residential and commercial with other lenders but working with TDC has been one of the easiest processes in getting a loan available. There was constant communication throughout the entire process. And I am ready for my next loan with TDC.”

Drew W.

“I closed my first multi-family deal with TDC and it was life-changing, to say the least. They work extremely hard for their clients and provide great transparency and constant communication throughout the entire process.”

Eugenia C.

“The Terrydale Capital Team was very helpful and professional. They guided me through the entire process with no problems. TDC allowed me to sit back and relax without worrying about my deal falling through.”

Larry H.

“TDC provided quick, honest answers while allowing me to speak freely. The Refinance we worked on saved me a tremendous amount of money per month. If you’re thinking about working with them, do it! This is a problem-solving environment that was much needed.”


“Alex and I are equally thankful that we had the opportunity to work with Quinn and Terrydale Capital on this transaction. His responsiveness and efficiency greatly eased the loan process with [TDC’s Lending Partner]. We look forward to meeting and working with you again soon when things open up.”

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