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In the world of commercial real estate, opportunities can come and go in the blink of an eye. As a result, the lengthy route of traditional financing won’t always offer a practical solution, especially in situations where immediate financing is needed. While hard money loans require property as collateral and should only be used as a fallback, Terrydale Capital ensures you can secure these higher-cost, lower-LTV ratio deals from reputable individuals and companies on the best possible terms. We make hard money easy.

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*Domestic Financing Only- Minimum Loan Amount of $500,000.

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While hard money loans are characterized by their high interest rates, lower loan-to-value ratio, and increased risk on the part of the lender, it doesn’t mean you have to accept the first offer you get your hands on. Regardless of your experience as an investor, Terrydale Capital’s personalized, value-add services ensure flexible terms and faster approvals in the shortest time possible. With extensive industry experience, our team of hard money experts offers up to 90% leverage on all asset types, with rates starting from as low as 8.99%. If you’re ready to partner with a team that assesses your needs from top to bottom and advocates for you every step of the way without dragging out the closing process, it’s time to get in touch.

Hard Money Financing You Can Rely On

Regardless of creditworthiness and current property performance, most investors still have the option of securing funds to purchase or renovate quickly. Not only are we confident we can secure you the hard money financing needed to take your next steps, our initial assessment will allow us to pair you with a solution that meets your specific needs and gives you the best chance to repay quickly and move on to your next project.

Go Beyond the Limits of Traditional Financing

Once you meet all the requirements and have time to go through the application and approval process, traditional financing is typically the best way to fund your commercial real estate investments. However, due to rigid offerings and a one-size-fits-all approach, there’s far less flexibility to accommodate sudden opportunities. Terrydale Capital is committed to helping clients access the full range of real estate financing options available, and that includes high-quality, non-traditional hard money loans.

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Team Terrydale Capital has the knowledge, experience, and actionable insight to get you through the hard money financing pipeline as quickly as possible. If your goal is to move on a time-sensitive real estate opportunity, your first step should be to pick up the phone.

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Multifamily properties, retail buildings, warehouses, self-storage – Terrydale Capital provides hard money loans for a variety of commercial real estate assets at competitive rates. We minimize your wait time while maximizing the quality of your terms, so you can continue to make the right moves for your portfolio.
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