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As an appreciating asset, land is always a great investment. However, getting a loan to secure an empty lot can be even more challenging than a construction loan. Your best bet? Partnering with Terrydale Capital’s land loan experts to secure not just any deal, but one with the best possible terms from our network of over 5000 lenders. Whether you want to develop now or stake your claim on a future opportunity, we’ll get you the support and expertise needed to seed capital into your real estate investment goals.

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*Commercial Financing Only- Minimum Loan Amount of $500,000.

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Buying land is already a complicated process, so why make it more difficult than it has to be? Our experts at Terrydale Capital know the land financing process inside and out and can manage communications and negotiations between you and all relevant parties to ensure a timely close. Best of all, we don’t just check boxes to get you from point A to point B – our thorough analysis of client projects and plans, assessment of current market conditions and zoning plans, and review of important documentation minimize the potential for delays and errors and provide a better understanding of potential payoff. You’ll know exactly what you’re buying and get a better understanding of how your investment might pay off in the future.

Build Your Commercial Real Estate Asset On Your Terms

Not only is land more affordable than built property, buying land puts you in control of where your property will be located, the construction timeline, and the final outcome. However, depending on the type of land you’re purchasing and how immediate your building plans are, there are multiple programs to consider. TDC will help you understand and qualify for loan financing that best suits the type of land you’re considering

First Class Financing for Any Type of Land

Terrydale Capital has a wealth of experience sourcing ideal loan packages for every type of land asset. For undeveloped raw land, which carries the highest financing risk, we focus on increasing success by establishing a solid development timeline. Unimproved land carries moderate risk, while improved land carries the lowest risk of the three categories and is typically the most expensive. Here, TDC’s primary goal is to secure our clients lower down payments and interest rates, minimizing the lifetime cost of the loan.

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Team Terrydale Capital has the knowledge, experience, and actionable insight to get you approved for any type of land loan. Our understanding of loan structures and requirements helps streamline the application process and get you on track to secure your investment.

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Not every real estate opportunity can be realized right away. When your plans require an interval between purchasing land and breaking ground for the first time, Team Terrydale Capital is on standby to get you through the complicated loan application process to the other side.

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