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Multifamily has historically constituted the largest component of Terrydale Capital’s business, and our multifamily experience is unique in the industry. Assets that we finance range in size from small properties to large multi-building complexes.

Terrydale Capital offers borrowers the widest possible variety of loan products and can execute transactions quickly and seamlessly by leveraging our broad resources and vast experience.

Our firm’s track record and long-standing relationships in the lending community allow us to provide clients access to the most diverse universe of financing alternatives, and a broad array of highly competitive loan terms and structures.

Our solutions free our borrowers to concentrate on the acquisition, renovation, marketing, and care of the property itself. Terrydale Capital offers bridge, mezzanine, and creative alternative financing options. We also fund and place permanent real estate loans for our clients.

Our structured loan products are based on seven programs:

Bridge/ Mini Perm Loan Programs

Our Bridge Loan Program is for short-term financing of multifamily and commercial properties. We provide the capital to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again.

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CMBS Programs

A CMBS Program that provides Conduit financing for acquisitions or refinancing of all types of commercial properties nationwide.
Permanent Loans

Terrydale Capital has excellent access to all of the major permanent lenders in the country.
Construction Loans

Our relationship with construction lenders gives you a competitive advantage.
Business Funding

From starting up or expanding your business to recovering from disasters, our loan programs are available to help your business succeed. To learn more about business funding, contact us directly at 214-241-4230 or email us at
Note Acquisition Funding

  • Terrydale will negotiate financing to support note acquisition, one of the most efficient strategies for commercial real estate investment at specific points in the real estate cycle.
  • Terrydale can facilitate acquisition loans for investors purchasing mortgages as a means of accessing the underlying real estate as well as those purchasing loans for investment purposes.
  • As an example, we can organize a note purchase loan that automatically converts to a bridge/mini-perm load when the underlying property is foreclosed upon. We can offer a non-recourse mortgage – which includes a lease-up facility and other benefits – which allows time to stabilize the property. You’ll get the security and certainty you need to make the most of your purchases.

It can be tough to get a loan from the SBA due to tight lending standards, but with the help of Terrydale Capital, you can maximize your chances
Our Debt Resources Include
Our focus on timely and professional responses to your financing needs and our strong relationships with credible and experienced lenders nationwide provides confidence and value in your commercial real estate loan experience.
FNMA / Freddie MAC
Debt Funds
Credit Union
Life Insurance Companies

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