Loan Programs

Terrydale Capital saves you the time and hassle by acting as a bridge between you and lenders, using our
gold standard expertise and long-standing relationships with different lenders to secure the best possible terms for your loan.

Our Structured Loan Products Are Based on Seven Programs

Bridge/ Mini Perm Loan

Need short-term financing to take advantage of an investment opportunity? TDC’s bridge loan options let you quickly meet your current obligations until you get the chance to sit down and work out a permanent solution.

Hard Money

While hard money loans require property as collateral and should only be used as a fallback, Terrydale Capital ensures you can secure these higher-cost, lower-LTV ratio deals from reputable individuals and companies on the best possible terms.

Permanent Loans

TDC offers permanent financing solutions that can either be your first step or the evolution to a bridge loan offering. Our relationships with and access to all the major permanent lenders in the country allow us to shop your ideal terms.

Note Acquisition Funding

Terrydale Capital can, on your behalf, negotiate financing to support note acquisition, which is one of the most efficient strategies for commercial real estate investment at specific points in the real estate cycle. Contact us to learn more.

Business Funding

From startup and expansion to disaster recovery, our loan programs are available to help your business keep its doors open. To learn more about our business funding programs, contact us directly at 214-241-4230 or info@terrydalecapital.com

Construction Loans

Want to build your own property from the ground up? Need the capital to do it? Our relationship with construction lenders nationwide gives you a competitive advantage when you’re ready to break ground.

Property Types

Our Debt Resources Include

Our focus on timely and professional responses to your financing needs and our strong relationships with credible and experienced lenders nationwide provides confidence and value in your commercial real estate loan experience.


‎‎Terrydale Capital has built strong relationships with the nation’s top banks, and can quickly compare typical offers from traditional lenders.


‎‎We stay up to date on loan options for clients with lower credit scores and limited cash flow who may be eligible for a guaranteed mortgage on a property.


‎‎‎Preferred by lenders, Fannie and Freddie loans are another alternative for clients with low to mid income or a lower credit score to secure a loan.


‎Are you a developer or experienced investor in need of short-term capital for one of your projects commercial real estate projects? Access a multitude of debt fund solutions.


‎‎With their member focus, greater flexibility, and lower rates, TDC is proud to maintain long relationships with many of the nation’s trusted credit unions.


‎‎Whatever the size of your investment, CMBS offers a path to non-recourse financing on commercial properties of almost any size.


‎‎An often overlooked source of financing, life insurance companies have served a significant number of our commercial real estate clients.

Working with Terrydale Takes 3 Straightforward Steps

Working with Terrydale takes three straightforward steps

Step 1

Schedule an Alignment Call with any member of our team and submit the required list of documents to begin the quoting process.

Step 2

‎Sit back and let us conduct a detailed search for the best possible terms from our network of over 5,000 lenders.

Step 3

‎‎‎‎Once you’ve selected a lender and terms that work for you, Terrydale will assist you throughout the entire deal process until your deal is Closed.

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Domestic Loans Only Minimum  | $500K Minimum Loan Amount

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  • info@terrydalecapital.com

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