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With retail lending opportunities trending up as lenders seek to diversify multifamily and industrial-heavy portfolios, investors are in a better position than they’ve ever been to secure capital for their retail projects. Done right, retail investments carry a host of advantages, including tax benefits, income stability due to lease length and cash flow, and the option to scale through upgrades as necessary. If you’ve been considering taking advantage of a retail opportunity as a new or experienced investor, Terrydale Capital can enhance the process tenfold.

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Between acquisitions, refinances, improvements, expansions, and necessary bridge loans, retail investment can be a complicated beast, regardless of whether you’re new to the space. When investors choose Terrydale Capital, it’s with the knowledge that while we’ll work nonstop to close on the best possible terms, we also offer advisory and assessment services so our clients get the complete picture at every stage, can make informed decisions, and know what challenges to expect moving forward. Team TDC’s experience goes beyond completing the right forms and checking the right boxes – we’ve worked closely with a range of clients across the CRE spectrum to gather a realistic view and firsthand understanding of how to optimize capital and hit the right milestones. You won’t find a better lineup elsewhere.

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E-commerce may be on the rise, but the demand for consumer hubs in the form of outlets, shopping centers, and grocery-anchored malls isn’t going anywhere. Whether you want to tie a community together, or offer convenient food, entertainment, and services in a high-traffic area, we’ll get you the funding to do it.

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Where other financing firms jump at the opportunity to get their clients to sign on the dotted line, our experts start by assessing your current objectives and resources at hand. If we think a different type of financing is right for you, or there’s a better way to get the funding you need, we make it a point to set you on the right path. When you partner with Terrydale Capital, you never need to question whether you’re missing a better alternative – we treat your projects like our own.

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Team Terrydale Capital has the knowledge, experience, and actionable insight to help you close on your commercial retail project as soon as possible. Call now to talk to one of our experts and get insight into how we can optimize your loan to suit your investment strategy.

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Many investors harbor concerns about the future of the real estate market, especially amid the pandemic. And while some sectors are hit hard than others, leveraging these downturns can be a financial boon for short-term and long-term investments. Bridge loans provide investors with low risks and high rewards needed to take the leap.
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