$600,000 Industrial Refinance | Syracuse, New York

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Apr 12, 2024 2 Min read

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Terrydale Capital is always ready to meet any challenge of a deal when they come to us. When the borrower came to us seeking a certain level of cash-out on a refinance of an industrial asset while acquiring a competitive rate, we faced a challenging market ahead. However, our team was ready to step up to the plate. 

What We Were Up Against

The borrower came to Terrydale in hopes of securing competitive terms and sufficient cash out on a refinance of their industrial asset. However, due to the market conditions, many lending firms were unable to provide cash-out at the level requested while also having an acceptable rate. 

How Terrydale Rose to Meet the Challenge

Our team at Terrydale was able to successfully negotiate terms to provide the needed cash-out amount at close. Additionally, we were able to secure a competitive rate and term given the current market. Ultimately, we were able to secure the following terms:

In Closing

Terrydale Capital is versed in a variety of commercial properties. With our years of collective knowledge coupled with our wide array of lender connections, our team is poised to go above and beyond on behalf of our clients to secure the most competitive financing possible. When you need the right team behind you for your commercial real estate investing needs, contact us today!

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