$2MM Industrial Cash-Out-Refinance in Kansas City, MO

Terrydale Capital

Jun 20, 2023 3 Min read

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Opportunity can come at any moment, and Terrydale Capital understands how to capitalize, especially when our client sought the chance to gain some financial flexibility. Today’s Deal Spotlight centers on the successful cash-out-refinance of an industrial asset in Kansas City. See how our team was able to successfully go to bat for our client to mitigate challenges and secure competitive terms. 

What We Were Up Against

Challenges often arise and our team was prepared to meet them head on. The clients were only seasoned in the property for six months after making a cash purchase. This, on the outset, made higher leverage options more difficult to acquire from lenders. 

How Terrydale Met the Challenge

In order to secure higher leverage for the client, we utilized our wide breadth of lender relationships and were able to successfully negotiate for the higher leverage. Additionally, we were able to secure a 25-year amortization coupled with a zero exit fee after year 3, which ultimately gave the borrowers more flexibility. We were able to secure the following terms:

In Closing

At Terrydale Capital, we understand there is no one size fits all approach to working with borrowers and our team is committed to helping our clients achieve the best financing solutions possible for their commercial real estate projects. We leverage our wide array of close lending and industry connections in order to connect all dots and ensure the success of our clients. If you are seeking more financial flexibility through your investment property, contact us today!

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