CRE Financing Rates Breakdown By Property Type | July 2024

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Jul 1, 2024 6 Min read

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We maintain a competitive edge in commercial real estate by continuously generating quotes for various property types. This provides us with real-time market trend insights. To secure the best financing for our clients, we have developed a nationwide database of financing rates across different asset classes. This data, reflecting July 2024 market conditions, empowers you to make well-informed decisions.


Rate Range: 5.80% - 10.50%

Quoted Average: 7.31%

Throughout 2024, agency options have lead market trends by offering highly competitive rates, with some dipping into the mid 5’s. HUD options remain robust, especially in asset refinancing. CMBS offered competitive rates earlier in the year, but oversaturation has made is lose steam slightly. As we continue forward, investors and property owners should stay alert to the consistent wall of maturities.


Rate Range: 6.50% - 11.00%

Quoted Average: 8.21%

As we continue to quote industrial investments, we've observed a slight decrease in average interest rates for this asset class with new options rising to the top with competitive pricing. Notably, credit unions and banks within this market segment consistently offer highly competitive rates.


Rate Range: 6.55% - 10.50%

Quoted Average: 8.22%

Similar to industrial investments, we've observed a continued slight decrease in average interest rates across the board, primarily driven by banks and credit unions. We have even been quoting a multitude of favorable options for investors.


Rate Range: 6.75% - 10.50%

Quoted Average: 8.13%

Average interest rates for retail assets have remained steady, though we have seen options reaching into the 6% range. We have seen a large spike in multi-tenant and credit tenant deals as lending institutions have labeled them to be “easy to lend on” in the current market.


Rate Range: 10.00% - 14.75%

Quoted Average: 12.42%

Following an established criteria over the last year, many traditional lenders continue to prefer developmental land while exercising caution with speculative projects and raw land as a whole. These stringent criteria have led to higher overall rates and a constrained pool of willing lenders.

Single Family 

Rate Range: 6.50% - 12.50%

Quoted Average: 11.17%

Much like the multifamily sector, agency loans remain prominent players in both individual and portfolio projects. Additionally, HUD and CMBS options consistently demonstrate significant competitiveness in this arena. However, there have been instances of higher rates as lenders contend with properties intended strictly for investment purposes, striving to preserve housing availability for genuine homebuyers.

Data Center

Rate Range: 7.55% - 11.55%

Quoted Average: 9.55%

Since 2023, data centers have emerged as a burgeoning asset class, and in 2024, they are seeing a surge in investment activity. While they are a very specialized asset, we strongly advise investors seeking portfolio diversification to carefully evaluate and seize opportunities within the data center sector as they arise.


Rate Range: 8.27% - 9.50%

Quoted Average: 8.76%

Despite the sluggish lending activity for office assets in 2023, there are signs of a modest resurgence in lenders offering office loans in 2024 despite its continued struggles. However, these participating lenders continue to maintain stringent underwriting requirements.

RV Park

Rate Range: 8.25% - 9.00%

Quoted Average: 8.33%

Despite being a more niche asset class, there has been increased activity in RV Park investment over the last month. With a wide range of applicable financing routes and a relatively straightforward underwriting process, we have observed relatively steady rates compared to other assets. 

Mobile Home

Rate Range: 7.40% - 9.25%

Quoted Average: 8.33%

With the growing demand for affordable housing options, many investors are redirecting their attention to mobile home parks. Mobile homes offer advantages such as lower rates and simplified underwriting processes, presenting a unique diversification opportunity for any portfolio.


Rate Range: 98.60% - 10.00%

Quoted Average: 9.55%

Investment momentum in hotels has been on a steady rise since the year's start. We've noted a surge in market opportunities, paired with a widening array of lending options. Moreover, an increasing number of lenders are showing openness to this asset class.

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