The Rise of Commercial Real Estate in Kansas City

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Mar 30, 2022 3 Min read

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If you paid attention to the national real estate market last year, you couldn't have missed Kansas City’s stellar performance. With their 2020 trend of demand eclipsing supply holding steady into the subsequent year, 2021 saw an acceleration of investment activity, a significant number of commercial transactions taking place, and a fantastic appreciation rate for all property asset classes.

68.6% of the commercial transactions that took place in the city’s metropolitan area, which is the fifth-largest Midwest market in sales volume, were multifamily and industrial. Over six thousand new multifamily units were delivered to the area in time for an 8.4% increase in asking rents, which averaged $1,093 per unit. The sales price for units averaged $131,000. On the industrial side, the city exceeded 300 million square feet, and they now rank as the 16th largest industrial market in the U.S.

While some projected the market would cool towards the end of the year, by the fourth quarter close, sales volumes were $3.4 billion – 13.1% higher than 2020. Though capitalization rates decreased pulling into Q4 with the top quantile recording 4.0%, at a general rate of 5.4%, Kansas City was still outpacing many other regions.

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