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Jan 10, 2022 3 Min read

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Today’s deal spotlight centers on the cash-out refinance of an SFR portfolio and purchase of a 20-unit multi-family townhome portfolio in Irving, Texas. This was our client’s first venture into multi-family acquisitions, and Terrydale Capital has an excellent track record in helping investors who are new to commercial real estate loan process.

What We Were Up Against

Due to the borrower’s experience in this transaction type, we provided additional hands-on assistance with structuring non-recourse debt and walking through the full loan process. The client also required a creative solution to be found due to lack of liquidity needed to purchase this property.

What Our Team Helped Turn Around

One of our more notable successes, Team TDC negotiated a cash-out refinance to draw proceeds from the same debt fund and provided our client with the resources to structure his entities compatible with non-recourse debt in record time. Not only were the properties refinanced with a more competitive rate, there was also a net of $400,000 after closing on the following terms:

SFR PortfolioMulti-Family Purchase




  • 30-Year Amortization with 70% LTV



  • $1,597,500 Loan Amount



  • Interest Only with 75% LTV



In Closing

Terrydale Capital consistently goes above and beyond to secure the best possible financing and refinancing terms for our clients, no matter the market conditions. If you’re ready to work with a team that dedicates every resource on hand to find creative funding solutions for all your investment deals, it’s time to give us a call.

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