$950,000 Land Acquisition | San Antonio, TX

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Jun 18, 2024 3 Min read

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Achieving successful financing for land assets in the current commercial market can be a difficult process for even the most seasoned investors. Having the right team behind you can help to secure financing in even the toughest market situations. Today’s Deal Spotlight centers on a successful acquisition of a land asset in San Antonio.

What We Were Up Against

The borrower came to Terrydale Capital seeking some financing on their land asset that they were buying from partners currently in a senior living asset. On top of the acquisition, the borrowers also sought cash out on the asset.

How Terrydale Rose to Meet the Challenge

Our team, led by Tim Peterson, went to work in order to find the right lender for the deal. We were able to secure a hard money lender able to perform the $400k acquisition, loop in all fees and secure the additional $450k in cash out. Our team managed communications amongst all parties in order to successfully close within the current market uncertainty. Ultimately we were able to secure the following terms:

In Closing

Terrydale Capital is prepared to handle any deal that comes our way, regardless of the challenges involved. We take pride in guiding our clients to success and securing the most competitive terms, leveraging our extensive network of lenders and industry connections, no matter where our clients are located. When you need a partner to go to bat for your cash-out-refinance, the Team at Terrydale Capital is the right choice, and now it is easier than ever to have the Team in your corner by submitting your deal through Terrydale LiveContact us today!

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