$11.5MM Multifamily Refinance | Temple, TX

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Mar 27, 2024 3 Min read

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When it comes to refinancing and maneuvering the lender space, timing and preparation are key. In these situations, it pays to have a team that is prepared to cover all bases during all phases of the transaction, and that is what Terrydale Capital did for our client. In this deal spotlight, we highlight how our team went to work for our client to secure a refinance for their multifamily asset in Temple, Texas.

What We Were Up Against

The borrower came to Terrydale Capital seeking to receive an agency execution that would allow for a cash-out and an exit to their floating rate loan. Originally, the property's cash flow didn't support a cash out option due to the current rate environment. Additionally, the property was on a trajectory to achieve a higher NOI and higher revenue. Based on the rate environment, the clients decided to move forward. 

How Terrydale Rose to Meet the Challenge

Our team sprang to action immediately. Upon completing the underwriting process and obtaining optimal pricing we were able to get more cash out than the client originally asked for. Ultimately, we were able to secure the following terms: 

In Closing

When it comes to being prepared for the unexpected when investing in commercial real estate, it pays to have the right team behind you. When you need a partner to go to bat for you to ensure all of your bases are covered, the Team at Terrydale is the right choice, and now it is easier than ever to have the Team in your corner with Terrydale Live. Contact us today!

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