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Terrydale Capital

Jul 13, 2023 9 Min read

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In the world of commercial real estate, staying on top of the ever changing market is an essential daily task for any commercial real estate professional. However it can be easier said than done in the age of information where the over abundance of information and sources can be highly overwhelming. Many professionals seek ways to adequately wade their way through the abundance of dross and find the most reputable CRE news sources across the web. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best sources to get your daily digest of commercial real estate news. 

Terrydale Capital

Terrydale Capital is a commercial real estate financial consultancy and debt advisory firm out of Dallas and Kansas City. As professionals in the CRE industry, Terrydale Capital hosts a variety of blogs that dive into various facets of the commercial real estate industry as well as provide monthly commercial financing market updates that detail rates that we are seeing across the nation pertaining to commercial banks, debt funds, private money and more. 


  • Monthly commercial financing market updates
  • Recent developments in the CRE industry
  • Educational blogs built to teach about the CRE industry


Bisnow is a platform that provides a wide range of news regarding the commercial real estate industry as well as industry events and other tools available to members to partake in. The platform actively covers more than 40 major metropolitan markets across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The platform has won various awards in journalism with their contact and hosts a total of nearly 1.5 million active subscribers. 

Key Features

  • CRE news divided by major MSA’s and regions
  • Podcast
  • Member events


Propmodo serves as another source for your CRE news that dives into a variety of different topics such as proptech, CREtech, technological advancements in the industry and much more. For investors seeking to keep on top of the evolving commercial market in terms of technological advancements, environmental advancements and data driven insights, this is the platform for you.

Key Features

  • News Briefs
  • CREtech and Proptech news
  • Environmental advancement news
  • Property management tips


GlobeSt offers commercial real estate news spanning the entire nation all for free. News can be divided and consumed by asset sectors, major regions, and major metropolitan areas. This allows users to hone in on specific markets and asset types that feed their individual news needs. The site also dives into best practices in the industry as well as CREtech related news. GlobeSt also hosts events for their member base on a regular basis. 

Key Features

  • News broken down by market
  • News broken down by sector
  • CREtech news
  • Real estate forum
  • Events

Crittenden Report 

The Crittenden Report is a source that provides valuable insight and the latest information on real estate financing, multifamily housing, retail asset classes and other major commercial assets. Sources of information are personally tended to through their network of industry relationships in order to provide the most comprehensive and informative data. Through their premium access, members are able to consume all of their informational offerings and partake in their regularly held conferences. 

Key Features

  • Finance news
  • Retail and multifamily news
  • Conferences

Connect CRE

Connect CRE offers a wide variety of commercial real estate news. Users can get granular with their preferred sources and topics by searching for CRE news via specific regions or asset sectors. In addition, Connect CRE offers live and virtual events, a full service marketing and PR agency, as well as an educational platform via their Connect Classroom. Connect CRE’s platform prides itself in not only providing the latest news but business development and education. 

Key Features

  • CRE news by region and asset
  • Virtual and live events
  • Marketing and PR
  • Educational services

The Broker List

The Broker List, as the name suggests, is an online commercial real estate broker director for the CRE industry. Users can utilize the platform to connect with a variety of CRE brokers and other CRE professionals across the country. In addition, the platform boasts a wide array of blogs on a variety of topics as well as a marketplace for commercial real estate professionals to market their services. 

Key Features

  • Search for CRE brokers and professionals
  • Variety of blog content
  • CRE business marketplace


CoStar is one of the most well-known commercial real estate tools and news sources in the nation. Apart from its in-depth property data, market analytics and other CRE tools, CoStar boasts a robust catalog of CRE news from across the nation for users to partake in. While it is not free to partake in the data tool side of the platform, the news offerings are free to consume by users, of which news articles are tailored to your specific MSA or region. 

Key Features

  • Large catalog of recent and developing news coverage
  • Tailored news offerings pertaining to your major market or region
  • One of the most robust collectors of CRE market data in the world.


As the commercial real estate landscape continues to transform, it's essential to stay informed and adaptable. The news sources can significantly boost your industry knowledge, decision-making capabilities, and ultimately, your success. But remember, staying at the forefront of the CRE industry isn't just about the right news sources—it's also about having the right tools at your disposal. Don't forget to check out our blog on the top commercial real estate tools to keep up with the latest technologies aiding professionals in the CRE space.

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