Nebraska Multi-Family Acquisition

Terrydale Capital

May 3, 2021 2 Min read

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Today’s deal spotlight centers on the acquisition of a $4,490,000 multi-family property in Omaha, Nebraska. This specific Apartment Complex caught the attention of our Clients, who were out of state and needed an experienced team to step up and close the gap.

What We Were Up Against

Team TDC faced several obstacles throughout this deal:

  • Our clients were out-of-state
  • This was only their second deal in a Key Principal capacity.
  • Treasury rates were spiking
  • There were last-minute changes to the sponsorship.

What Our Team Helped Turn Around

We took a very hands-on approach to this acquisition, preparing reports and presentations to overcome historical credit and legal issues, managing communication with the Lender and Underwriters, and guiding the Borrowers at every stage. Rate-locking at a critical 4-week low point in the treasury rate, the deal was closed on the following terms:


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